Featuring students from grades 9-10-11 and directed by Mr. Pinsky, this one-act play was rehearsed and performed safely during a pandemic, all on Zoom! Watch what happens when some weird and wacky teens have to get their picture taken by an evil photographer who has plans for world domination!

This play is available to watch for FREE on YouTube on the BHS Drama channel; just click on this link:


A chat with Jeffrey Pinsky from the Drama Department at Beaconsfield High School, was recently interviewed about this project. His new production, School Picture Day - A Virtual Play, breaks new ground!

The Blank Canvas - Episode 6

An Arts and Education Podcast, featuring students, teachers, artist and administrators making a difference in our education communities. Brought to you by the Educational Service Department at Lester B. Pearson School Board.





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The Equity and Inclusivity Fund (EIF) was created to demonstrate support from the broader LBSPB community for anti-racism and anti-discrimination initiatives.
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COVID-19 Checklist for Parents
What to do if my child is sent home from school with symptoms?