Music at Beaconsfield High School …. infinite opportunities
Students at BHS have the opportunity of being a member of an awesome performance music community from grade 7 to 11.  It is amazing to see how most music students at BHS start in grade 7 with no previous musical experience and graduate with strong musical abilities and a greater appreciation for music. In addition to developing musical skills, students learn the importance of team work and self-discipline as well as nurturing a sense of community and belonging.

Infinite Opportunities…

  •  A huge variety of school- owned instruments to choose from.
  • Many performance opportunities for all students.
  • Music field trips offered at all grade levels.
  • Extra-curricular bands: 
    • Junior and Senior Concert Band
    • Junior and Senior Jazz  Band
    • Drumline
    • Festival  Bands
  • Yearly international festival performance offered to senior students (New York, Boston, Virginia)
  • Participation in Jazzfest Des Jeunes for both the Junior and the Senior Jazz Bands.
BHS Music Program Information Brochure


For more information about the BHS Music Department, please visit our website

Music directors

Phil Legault
Valérie Lepage


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