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Français langue seconde de base (Sec. 1 to 5)

Français langue seconde de base is a course designed for students who have followed the Bilingual Immersion Program in elementary school. Emphasis is placed on developing the student's vocabulary and confidence in using their skills in French.  Students will also developed skills to function efficiently in French in all aspects of their school and personal lives.

Francais enrichi (Sec. 1 to 5)

This course strives to help students use the French language with ease and confidence in their daily communications.  Students are required to interact, to comprehend and write texts in a more complex and varied manner. Students in this program must in the course of their secondary education acquire a level of autonomy and linguistic ease close to bilingualism.  

Défi français (Sec. 1 to 5)

Français langue d'enseignement is offered to students who are adept in French language.  It is a continuation of the 85% French immersion program in the elementary school. Students must be highly proficient in written and oral French. 

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