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The Guidance Counsellor offers both personal and career counselling to students.
Appointments are strictly confidential. Students who are under the age of 14 must have parental consent to participate in ongoing counselling.

Other Guidance Services include:

●    conflict mediation
●    crisis intervention
●    referrals. 

Students are welcome to make an appointment by emailing Ms Miller at - OR -

Please Note: For grade 10 & 11 Students, they can make a “Zoom Guidance Appointment” on their HOME day (Depending on whether they are Group A or B). Although, If there is an emergency on the day they are physically IN school, they can see Ms Miller (via email, or Ask teacher)


BHS Guidance Counsellor: Ms. Stephanie Miller  


About Counselling: When should you see a Guidance Counsellor?

When you are experiencing family issues and need to talk
If you have experienced a loss
You are having problems with your friends
If you are lonely, depressed or stressed out
When you’re lacking motivation
Career counselling (post-secondary options)

For information on Available Resources for Parents & Teens please refer to the BHS student Agenda.




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Grade 7 & 8 Post-Secondary Planning Presentation
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CEGEP Application Process 

Service Regional Admission du Montreal Metropolitain Application (SRAM)

You must use the SRAM application system to apply to John Abbott, Vanier, as well as a number of French institutions.

The SRAM site allows you to complete a simulation before actually applying. This is a useful exercise prior to filling out an application.

Once your application is complete be sure to print a copy of the confirmation page with your application transaction number. Your transaction number will allow you to check the status of your application online. The site will indicate whether or not you need to submit any documentation. Submit any outstanding documents immediately by uploading them online, through far or via mail.

The application fee is 35$. The fee can be paid online by credit card (MasterCard or Visa) or you may send in a certified cheque or money order. Please note that the payment must arrive on time or the application will be considered late.

The SRAM application has a three-round application process. Thus, regardless of which round the student has been admitted, they begin in fall of the next school year. Students apply to 1 program at 1 CEGEP for round 1. The deadline to apply for round 1 is March 1st at 11:59 pm. Students will find out if they have been admitted by the second week in April. If the student is not accepted, they may re-apply for round 2. The deadline for round 2 is late April. Students will find out early May if they have been accepted. If the student is not accepted, they may re-apply for round 3. The deadline for round 3 is late May. For the most current dates, please consult the info posted in the Guidance Office.


Dawson College Application

The site includes a simulation which you can use to practice before filling out an actual application. 

Dawson College’s application site allows you to apply to two programs at their CEGEP. at the Your first choice program should have higher entrance requirements than your second choice, while your second choice should be a program that is easier to get in (i.e.: lower overall average needed to get in and/or accepts a large amount of students). For example, Health Science at Dawson could be listed as a first choice and Social Science at Dawson as a second choice. If you are not accepted into your first choice, your second choice is automatically considered. However, there is no guarantee that there will still be room in the program of your second choice at that point. 

The following documents are required and must arrive on time:

1. A copy of your birth certificate (uploaded online to your application).
2. Proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status if born outside Canada.
Application fee of 30$ - you can pay by credit card online (MasterCard or Visa) 

Private College Applications

Private institutions, such as Marianopolis College, LaSalle College, Centennial College, and O’Sullivan College have their own application systems accessible through their websites.

Important Note

Students are encouraged to complete two or more applications to increase their chance of acceptance for CEGEP. For example, a student can apply to two CEGEPS as long as they are on SEPARATE application sites. They can also chose to apply to a CEGEP program and a Vocational Program at the same time too.

All CEGEP programs have different cut-off marks and required pre-requisites needed for entry. A cut-off mark refers to an overall average and an overall mark needed in a given class. Cut-off marks are based on the previous year’s admission. The various cut-off marks and pre-requisites needed for various programs are posted in the Guidance Office or ask Ms Miller

Another useful Website regarding CEGEPs in Quebec:



Vocational Program Information

Vocational Education is an excellent avenue for students of all ages and provides relatively quick access to good employment opportunities in a wide variety of fields.

Vocational programs offer hands on training and are shorter in length than CEGEP programs because you only take courses that teach you to do the given profession.

For most programs you must have successfully completed secondary 4 French, English and Math and be 16 years of age before the end of September.

Vocational Training Program Applications  are ongoing and can be made anytime for programs starting next the fall or winter as long as there is room in the program. Students should apply via the site. You will then be invited to go to the Centre to complete the registration.

SOME Examples of Vocational Programs:

  • Professional Cooking
  • Pastry Making
  • Automobile Mechanics
  • Computing Support
  • Interior Decorating & Display
  • Nursing Care Assistance
  • Pharmacy Technical Assistance
  • Welding

AND much, much more!


Resources for Vocational Programs







To take a test to find out which vocational program is suitable for you, click here.


An excellent Career Exploration Resource for ALL students is their Xello Account!


All students have access to the Xello website that allows them to explore post-secondary options, complete career tests, learning style tests and much more! Their Xello account saves their progress and allows them to plan as they progress throughout High School.


XELLO Student!

Xello Student Tour! Check out some of the many features of this new online, interactive self-discovery and career planning resource now on the Fusion portal of all secondary students. Xello offers interesting inventories, built-in activities and customization options for all high school grade levels. Have fun exploring!

Note: This video is intended for students and parents.