Teacher’s Name



ALI, R. rali@lbpearson.ca Google Classroom
BARBIERO, D. dbarbiero@lbpearson.ca  
BOBELDIJK, L. lbobeldijk@lbpearson.ca  
BOYLE-MATTIE, J. jboyle02@lbpearson.ca Google Classroom
BRASSEUR, F. fkennedy@lbpearson.ca mrsbrasseur.weebly.com
BRESOLIN, V. vsays@lbpearson.ca Google Classroom
BRISEBOIS, M. mbrisebois@lbpearson.ca  
BROWN, A. abrown15@lbpearson.ca  
CALLAHAN, B. bcallahan@lbpearson.ca bcallahan.lbpsb.qc.ca
CARLYLE, D. dcarlyle@lbpearson.ca  
CERAVOLO, S. sceravolo@lbpearson.ca Google Classroom
COCHRANE, M. mcochrane@lbpearson.ca mrsmelindacochrane.weebly.com
COX-TWARDOWSKI, A. acox04@lbpearson.ca www.schoology.com
CROWHURST, L. lcrowhurst@lbpearson.ca  
CRUTCHFIELD, J. jcrutchfield@lbpearson.ca bhsphysed.weebly.com
DAOUST, M. mdaoust04@lbpearson.ca  
DOMANSKI, A. adomanski@lbpearson.ca  
FARQUHARSON, C. cfarquharson03@lbpearson.ca  
GILLAM, C. cgillam@lbpearson.ca  
GODFREY, G. ggodfrey02@lbpearson.ca  
GOULET, A. agoulet@lbpearson.ca  
GOYENS, M. mgoyens@lbpearson.ca mrsgoyens.weebly.com
HALL, E. ehall@lbpearson.ca www.schoology.com
HANNAH, A. ahannah@lbpearson.ca bit.ly/mrhannah
HAYES, J. jhayes@lbpearson.ca  
HEDREI, V. vhedrei@lbpearson.ca  
HILL, R.  rhill@lbpearson.ca


Google Classroom

JUTRAS, R. rjutras@lbpearson.ca Google Classroom
LACOMBE, C. clacombe@lbpearson.ca  
LEBLANC, P. pleblanc@lbpearson.ca  
LEGAULT, P. plegault@lbpearson.ca Google Classroom
LEJEUNE, L. llejeune@lbpearson.ca bhslejeune.weebly.com
Google Classroom
LEPAGE, V. vlepage@lbpearson.ca Google Classroom
MAALOUF, L lmaalouf@lbpearson.ca  
MACKIEWICZ, J. jmackiewicz@lbpearson.ca  
MAGIEROWSKA, P. pmagierowska02@lbpearson.ca  
MARTIN, S. smartin05@lbpearson.ca  
MARTINIS, S. smartinis@lbpearson.ca  
MCCURDY, E. emccurdy@lbpearson.ca  
MERCIER, G. gmercier@lbpearson.ca  
NARDOZZA, M. mnardozza03@lbpearson.ca  
O'NEILL, S. soneill05@lbpearson.ca oneillninehistory.weebly.com
PEREZ, F. fperezaranguren@lbpearson.ca  
PINSKY, J. jpinsky@lbpearson.ca bhsdramadept.weebly.com
ROBITAILLE, N. nrobitaille@lbpearson.ca nrobitaille.weebly.com
SABOURIN, A. asabourin02@lbpearson.ca


Google Classroom

SARLOS, T. tsarlos@lbpearson.ca sarlos.weebly.com
SCHREIBER, S. sschreiber@lbpearson.ca  


THOMAS, L. lthomas04@lbpearson.ca Google Classroom
THOMPSON, E. ethompson05@lbpearson.ca  
THORNTON, D. dthornton@lbpearson.ca www.schoology.com
WALKER, N. nwalker@lbpearson.ca Google Classroom
XENAKIS, J. jxenakis@lbpearson.ca  




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