Welcome to Beaconsfield High School




Welcome to Beaconsfield High School


General Description

With its excellent academic programs, commitment to meeting the diverse needs of all its students, safe and caring environment, and strong connection to the community, Beaconsfield High School fits the profile of a school devoted to student success. High academic achievement and personal development are nurtured in all students, both in the classroom and through a broad spectrum of cultural, social and sporting activities. More than 90% of our graduates attend post-secondary schools, and many have gone on to be leaders in their professions.




BHS Educational Objectives

Our overriding goal is to meet the highly-specialized needs of the 21st century adolescent. We strive to prepare them academically, socially and personally for the demands of modern life. Student involvement in all aspects of school culture is crucial to this preparation. Students are encouraged to become solid citizens of BHS both academically and socially, in order to promote the growth of knowledge, skills, self-esteem, self-discipline and self-confidence. In the context of a safe, caring environment, the entire BHS team devotes themselves to helping all students reach their maximum potential.


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Mission Statement

The BHS community, consisting of students, parents, teachers & administration, is committed to working together in a partnership to provide a comprehensive bilingual education that promotes excellence in all areas of school life and encourages success for all.

We recognize that one of the greatest strengths of any team is a strong collaborative approach to problem-solving, delivery of program, extra-curricular events and maintaining our school as an inviting, dynamic, purposeful and safe environment in which to learn.

At BHS our policies are based on shared beliefs.

We believe that:

everyone learns and works best in a caring, challenging and safe environment that promotes self-esteem and respect for others

everyone has the right to personal respect and dignity

everyone has the right to personal safety and respect for personal belongings
everyone has the right to uninterrupted learning
everyone has the right to fair, consistent and positive discipline aimed at promoting personal growth and development


In the News


Beaconsfield High School wins the Greater Montreal Athletic Association’s (GMAA) Most Sportsmanlike School Award for the 2013-2014 school year! Winning this award is a testament to the teaching of the values of fair play and integrity that our teachers and coaches emphasize while working with our terrific student athletes!






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