The Guidance Counsellor offers both personal and career counselling to students.
Appointments are strictly confidential. Students who are under the age of 14 must have parental consent to participate in ongoing counselling.

Other Guidance Services include:

●    conflict mediation
●    crisis intervention
●    referrals. 

Students are welcome to make an appointment by filling out an appointment slip available in the Guidance area.
On Monday and Thursdays each week, Ms Miller has office hours from 12:00 to 1:00 pm. No appointment is necessary; feel free to stop in at any point.


BHS Guidance Counsellor: Ms. Stephanie Miller 


Grade 7 & 8 Post-Secondary Planning Presentation
Grade 11 Post-Secondary Planning Presentation
January 2020
Post-Secondary Planning Presentation
Fall 2019
Surviving Grade 10
Stress Management & Study Skills for a Heathly, Balanced School Year



About Counselling: When should you see a Guidance Counsellor?

When you are experiencing family issues and need to talk
If you have experienced a loss
You are having problems with your friends
If you are lonely, depressed or stressed out
When you’re lacking motivation
Career counselling (post-secondary options)

For information on Available Resources for Parents & Teens please refer to the BHS student Agenda.

BHS Peer Tutoring program: Cycle II students are matched with a cycle I student for a tutoring session every Tuesday after school from 3:45-4:45pm in Room C108. The cost for the hour is 10$. To sign-up and for more information on peer tutoring, please click here, or contact Ms. Miller.

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CEGEP & Vocational Program Application Information
February 2016          
Post Secondary Planning
November 2015


CEGEP Application Process 

Service Regional Admission du Montreal Metropolitain Application (SRAM)

You must use the SRAM application system to apply to John Abbott, Vanier, as well as a number of French institutions. The SRAM system is available online at 

The Table of Available Programs Admission Fall 2016-2017 pamphlet describes the process (available at the Guidance Department).

The SRAM site allows you to complete a simulation before actually applying. This is a useful exercise prior to filling out an application. 

Once your application is complete be sure to print a copy of the confirmation page with your application transaction number. Your transaction number will allow you to check the status of your application online. The site will indicate whether or not you need to submit any documentation. Submit any outstanding documents immediately by uploading them online, through far or via mail.

The application fee is 35$. The fee can be paid online by credit card (MasterCard or Visa) or you may send in a certified cheque or money order. Please note that the payment must arrive on time or the application will be considered late.

The SRAM application has a three-round application process. Thus, regardless of which round the student has been admitted, they begin in fall of the next school year. Students apply to 1 program at 1 CEGEP for round 1. The deadline to apply for round 1 is March 1st at 11:59 pm. Students will find out if they have been admitted by the second week in April. If the student is not accepted, they may re-apply for round 2. The deadline for round 2 is late April. Students will find out early May if they have been accepted. If the student is not accepted, they may re-apply for round 3. The deadline for round 3 is late May. For the most current dates, please consult the info posted in the Guidance Office.

The Common Application System (CAS)

Dawson College and Champlain St. Lambert use the common application which can be accessed on this website.  The site includes a simulation which you can use to practice before filling out an actual application.  

The Common application allows students to indicate a first and second choice for their CEGEP program. You may choose the same program at two different CEGEPs or two different programs at the same school or two different programs at two different schools. Your first choice school/program should have higher entrance requirements than your second choice, while your second choice should be a program that is easier to get in (i.e.: lower overall average needed to get in and/or accepts large amount of students). For example, Health Science at Dawson could be listed as a first choice and Social Science at Dawson as a second choice. If you are not accepted into your first choice, your second choice is automatically considered. However, there is no guarantee that there will still be room in the program of your second choice at that point.  

The following documents are required and must arrive on time:

1. A copy of your birth certificate (can be faxed, mailed, or dropped off in person).
2. Proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status if born outside Canada.
Application fee of 30$ - you can pay by credit card online (MasterCard or Visa) or send in a certified cheque or money order.

Private College Applications

Private institutions, such as Marianopolis College, LaSalle College, Centennial College, and O’Sullivan College have their own application systems accessible through their websites.

Important Note
Students are encouraged to complete two or more applications to increase their chance of acceptance for CEGEP. For example, students show fill out both the SRAM and the CAS application, or one of them in addition to a private college application.

All CEGEP programs have different cut-off marks and required pre-requisites needed for entry. A cut-off mark refers to an overall average and an overall mark needed in a given class. Cut-off marks are based on the previous year’s admission. The various cut-off marks and pre-requisites needed for various programs are posted in the Guidance Office.  


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